Program Schedule

Monday – Friday *

7:00am9:00am3rd Opinion
9:00am10:00amSalem Network
Host: Mike Gallagher
10:00am10:30amAmerican Story
10:30am11:00amWatchman on the Wall
11:00am12:00pmSalem Network (Monday-Thursday)
Host: Dennis Prager
12:00pm12:10pmLocal News
12:10pm1:00pm3rd Opinion
1:00pm6:15pmSalem Network (Monday-Thursday)
Host: Dennis Prager (1-2pm)
Host: Sebastian Gorka (2-5pm)
Host: Larry Elder (5-7pm)
1:00pm2:00pmVoice of the Eternal Gospel (Friday)
2:00pm4:00pmSalem Network (Friday)
4:00pm5:00pmThe Rusty Mic
5:00pm6:15pmSalem Network (Friday)

Saturday *

8:00am9:00amFaith Memorial Baptist Church
9:00am10:00amAs for Me and My House
10:00am10:30amCommunity Talk
10:30am11:00amSpreading the Word
11:00am11:30amHelp Christian Org.
11:30am12:30pmEl Atalaya
12:30pm4:00pmRadio Inspiracion
4:00pm4:30pmUn Encuentro La Verdad
4:30pm6:15pmBizTalk Radio Network
7:00pm12:00amWeekend Groove

Sunday *

7:00am9:00amSmooth Inspiration
9:00am9:30amLayman Inc.
9:30am10:30amGathers Homecoming Hour
10:30am11:00amEWTN Classic Network
11:00am12:00pmProphecy Watch
12:00pm2:00pmEWTN Classic Network
5:00pm6:15pmEWTN Classic Network
7:00pm12:00amWeekend Groove

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